Tai Pei Frozen Foods - NSAC 2017  

Tai Pei Frozen Asian Food wants to expand its market to young millennials (ages 18-24). This audience rejects traditional eating in favor of smaller snack-like meals throughout the day. 

Millennials are also at the center of a cultural climate of distrust. Our campaign leverages this and inspires the audience to question traditional eating habits and assert their own everyday routine.

Tai Pei can be the first frozen food brand to own this cultural shift in eating habits. In doing so, it will capture this new audience's attention, trust and buying power.

This campaign participated in the American Advertising Federation's National Student Advertising Competition District XI regionals.

My role entailed some parts art direction, some parts creative conceptualizing, lots of designing, but most importantly learning as much as possible from + working alongside 20 of the most talented advertising students in University of Oregon's class of 2017. 

Manifesto Video

Out of Home

Alley Takeover

Tai Pei will create a series of late night alley takeovers to empower those that are out to eat when they want. Tai Pei will be cooked wok-style and those who enter will receive a dragon stamp on their hand and coupons for Tai Pei products to ensure that they remember the event. 

Subway Takeover

On the way down subway stairs, commuters will see authoritarian messages. When traveling back up the stairs, the dragon appears as well as the Tai Pei Force's messages. 

Spray Painted Wallscapes

Authoritarian ads will be placed on the side of buildings commanding viewers when to eat. After a week, the Tai Pei Force will tag the ad with the dragon stamps, dismantling the previous command with an empowering message.


Dragon Decals

To expand the recognition of the Tai Pei dragon, small dragon decals will be placed in commuter cites. A large dragon stamp will extend through entire highway tunnels in commuter routes as well.

Vending Machines

Tai Pei Dragon Vending Machines will dispense hot, ready to eat Tai Pei meals within two minutes of purchase. As the Tai Pei heats up, the dragon symbol slowly appears on the Tai Pei Dragon Vending Machine.

In Store

Dragon flags will fly above Tai Pei connecting the force, dragon, and the brand. Pressure sensing decals will change authoritarian style ads on the doors within the frozen food aisle to an image of a cracked screen and the dragon symbol.


Comic Con

We will utilize the official app of Comic Con and create an in app ordering function. Event goers can order Tai Pei directly to their location, delivered to them by a member of the Tai Pei Force.


We will use popular Twitch influencers to promote Tai Pei to their audiences and chat about it in real time during their show. The Tai Pei Force will stage a lighthearted, funny break in, already known to the influencer, and will empower the gamer to eat when they want. We will also have in-stream ads for when an influencer needs take a break from gaming.

Vimeo Password: TEAM637


Youtube and Hulu

The Tai Pei Force infiltrates locations where people are unable to eat. The Force runs in tossing out ready-made Tai Pei and telling people to eat when they are hungry, not when they are told. Hidden cameras placed throughout the space will capture the live events and reactions for online content.

Complete Campaign Book

Upstream '17 Team 

Project Manager: Emily Sarale

Strategists: Emma Pindell (Strategy Director), Benson Wink, Ben Neal, Colleen Cass, Rachel Benner

Creative Directors: Emily Leclerc and Tucker Stosic

Art Directors / Designers: Devyn Holbrook, Jasmine Tran, Myself

Writers: Mac Mullen, Tim FarahTalia Bootz 

Producers: Kyra Bailey and Key Higdon

Media Planners: James McAndrew (Media Director), Hailey Geller, Emma Hyman, Ashley Graves, Cailin Wolff