Science & Memory - Cordova, Alaska

Science & Memory is a multi year/multi media project comprised of advertising and journalism students working together to tell stories of complex change about the environment and the climate. Our goal is to tell compelling stories using art, photography, videography etc. to help clarify environmental concerns.

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In July 2016 I worked and lived in Cordova, Alaska with 10 University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication students, alongside two professors and one grad student. I took snap shots of Cordova revolving around place and helped provide content photos for our website and field journal.

Photos - DSLR

Photos - iPhone 6

ABC's of Climate Change - 2017

We combined creativity through art and writing to help define a voice for climate change throughout our campus at the University of Oregon and outside communities.

Awards: 2018 Young Ones Competition: Merit

Lead Art Direction / Design: Sydney Humble and Myself

Design: Emilie Weiss and Gabrielle Gomez

Copy: Sam Coffaro and Lauren Fields

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